Led Toilet Signs

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  • Edge Lit Toilet Led Signs
    Edge Lit Toilet Led Signs
    Weight: 1.30 kg
    Dimension: 8.30 (W) x 12.20 (H) x 1.00 (D) in
    Led Toilet Edge Lit Signs Sign type: indoor using only Sign dimension: 12.2"x8.3"..
    Delivery: 4-7 days, by EMS;
    Model: WL-EDLC017
    Stock Status: Instock
    Product Quantity: 99999
    Views: 293
    Date Available: 2015-12-10
    Weight: 1kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 8 x 12 x 1 in
    Rating: 5
    Review(s): 3
    Requires Shipping: Yes
    Based on 3 reviews.
Customer Reviews
great deal with the seller, like that
Taylor Phillips on 01/08/2015
Great Value to Good quality, to be recommended.
Lucas on 15/07/2015
It is a great neon sign, definitely recommended.
Jennifer Ciardo on 06/05/2017
the sign was damaged when received it, then seller did their promise to send us ...
Maria Loera on 13/08/2016
This sign is absolutely beautiful in real life, pretty good.
Kevin on 15/01/2016
i ordered this as a gift for my dad, When he pulled it out of the box it looked...
Wes Summerall on 03/12/2015
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